Gap Gingham Shirt, old (similar)Old Navy Skinny JeansConverse Sneakers, Michael Kors Watch, gift, Vintage Louis Vuitton crossbody

All the bits and pieces of this look are definitely wardrobe essentials (I keep adding to that list it seems); a pair of white skinny jeans, white sneakers, a gingham print button up, and a classic cross body bag. This tends to be my work uniform on most days (swap the white denim for blue or black), for its comfort and functionality. I have too many button ups than I care to mention, but every single time I see a cool new plaid print or color palette, 
A trick that I like to use, especially on unisex prints like the hugely popular gingham print, check the men's section for a slightly oversize style if the women's sections is sold out. You're welcome. Sometimes the men's section will have even cooler prints anyway. As long as you don't run into a guy at the bar with the same shirt! 
Don't you love the new bag to my handbag collection? My lovely boyfriend got it for me for my birthday over the summer, and it's been on heavy rotation. 

Have a great Friday!

xoxo, Courtney 

Fall Essentials: Sweater Dress

This time of the year, although my favorite time of the year, can get tricky to look chic during the cold, rainy months. It's also easy to resort to the same old jeans, boots, sweaters and jackets. And while I do love my shelf of sweaters and cozy coats (I have way too many for the mild climate I live in), sometimes I want to reach for something that is still fall appropriate, but different. 
I have seen this pleated sweater dress sported on Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and I immediately loved it. I tend to despise traditional sweater dresses. They are never designed right. They only look good on girls that are stick skinny. In that case, I just stay away. 
This dress is a little more than I would like to spend, so therefore it's staying on my wishlist and I'll monitor it and see if I can get a good deal after the holidays, or better yet, find something similar. 

What is one of your favorite fall looks? 

xoxo, Courtney 

Black & Gold

Lush sheer blouse,  7FAM Roxanne Skinny Jean in Distressed, thrifted (similar), Diane von Furstenberg Wedges via Marshalls, sold out (available on eBay)Conversation Pieces tote, BP Mirrored Sunglasses (RayBan version), Foxsie Co and Forever 21 Rings

I found the most amazing find at my Marshalls store a few weeks back. I always browse the clearance shoes first; and sitting on the very top shelf, these metallic gold wedges caught my eye. When I took them down I couldn't believe they were DVF. And for only $29!! They were technically a half size too small, but this was a "make it work" moment. I looked around me in silence (while my insides were bursting with joy) as if I just swiped the Golden Ticket out from everyone's noses. 
I also got a killer deal on my 7FAM jeans, Lush blouse (both from the same Crossroads shopping trip), sunglasses and jewelry. Aside from the tote, every piece was under $30. With all the different ways to get great deals out there, spending retail is just stupid. :)

What has been your ultimate style score? 

xoxo, Courtney

Prep School

Sunday in Brooklyn Top, J.Crew skirt (similar), vintage Ferragamo flats, thrifted (newer)Michael Kors Clutch, Michael Kors watch (old)

This outfit is definitely outside the box for me. It's very girly, which I tend to put more of an edgy spin to most of my looks. The elements of this look I love individually (the top with ripped skinnies, the skirt with a chunky sweater, and the Ferragamos with well...everything) so putting them all together was a departure for me. I also went au natural in terms of makeup. I don't wear a lot of makeup to begin with; what I wear in my blog posts is what I wear everyday. I'm pretty boring when it comes to my beauty routine. But when I don't feel like doing it all but still look presentable to the general public I'll just put on tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip color. I learned this trick from Julia of Gal Meets Glam and I have been using it for a while. 

P.S Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!! 

xoxo, Courtney 

Fall Essentials: A Quilted Jacket

Zara Quilted Jacket, similar

I feel like one day it just hit me; "I need a quilted jacket." They've been around forever, but lately the style has strayed from Michelin man, to sleek and more chic. I think the trick is to pick one in a neutral color like black, grey, tan or olive. Also pick details that aren't too trendy, but classic like zipper details or buckles. Anything too over the top will get few uses then stuffed in a donation bag when the trend has moved on. 
I found a wonderful olive green quilted coat by Michael Kors at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks back. As soon as I tried it on I fell in love. Don't you wish all your dressing room experiences were more like that? 

xoxo, Courtney

Printed Romper

H&M Romper, sold out (similar), Old Navy Denim Jacket, old (similar), Ralph Lauren Crossbody Bag, Solesociety Sandals, Michael Kors watch, J.Crew bracelets, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish c/o Influenster 

It's been a weird start of the fall season. It hasn't really cooled down yet, except for a few rainy days here and there. In fact, there have probably been more days in the 80's this October than I can ever remember. Because of this funky weather, I'm forced to wear outfits that consist of shorts with sweaters, jeans and t's, and dresses and jackets. It's quite confusing. 
Luckily, with something like a romper, to avoid looking like you are wearing a diaper (or an adult onesie), you need something like a jacket to break up the proportions. As much as I love rompers I definitely don't have the right body shape to wear them as-is (think super tall, skinny). 
So until the weather decides what it's doing, I guess I get to pull out all my summer stuff and mix it with my favorite fall layers. I guess I'm okay with that. For a little bit....

xoxo, Courtney

Fall Essentials: A Red Plaid Top

"Ex Boyfriend" Shirt in Albion Plaid - Madewell
One of the most essential fall items is a plaid shirt. I own about half a dozen in a variety of colors and patterns, but without a doubt, the ones that get the most rotation are a blue /green one and a red/blue one. However, I had to give up my red one last season because I outgrew it (not physically, thankfully) but I held on to it for so long because I love the colors so much. What I love most about red plaid is it pops against any outfit pairings. I love the Madewell shirt above because of the small details. With all the plaid shirts available, you want to stand out. This shirt stands out. I love the little pop of gingham print in the lining and when you roll the cuffs. It's like two plaids for one. I can tell you this, this would be one thing I would keep from my Ex-Boyfriend.... ;)

Where is your perfect plaid from? Send me links! I'm in the market for a new one! :) 

xoxo, Courtney